Regional Engagement Sub-Committee

The Regional Engagement Subcommittee was formed in January 2021 in response to the work done by the Amalgamation Subcommittee in 2020.

The Amalgamation Subcommittee found there was no connection the Area B Committee and Groups in NSW —and that many of the difficulties experienced by Area, could be resolved through engaging the NSW Groups and establishing Districts.

The Regional Engagement Subcommittee was formed to facilitate cooperation between Groups in Southern NSW in the region, as there are presently no Districts within Area B to actually talk to. It was also voted by Area B to create this website to serve General Service Representatives (GSR) and engage with AA groups wherever they are.

An Area Inventory Assembly in March 2021 confirmed the lack of communication between Area B and GSRs with few AA members really understanding the purpose of Area B and the important role of the GSR within the AA General Service Structure.
An immediate focus of the Regional Engagement Subcommittee is find ways of increasing Groups’ awareness of the importance of Area service and the GSR to the future of AA in Australia.

With this experience, we are hoping then to network with AA Groups in southern NSW and create a stronger, more vital AA presence across the Area.
If you would like more information or would like to get involved with the Regional Engagement Subcommittee email