AA OKsoberfest Ipswich

OKsoberfest Ipswich

Ipswich District of Alcoholics Anonymous is pleased to host Dr Stephen Jurd as its keynote speaker at the Ipswich OKsoberfest on September 30 to October 2.

Dr Jurd is one of Australia’s leading addiction specialists and has published 30 scientific papers, developed clinical guidelines and was granted the title of Clinical Associate Professor in Discipline of Addiction Medicine.

He will address the South East Queensland professional community at the Public Information night that will open the OKsoberfest at 7pm on September 30.

Ipswich District Committee Member Rob T said it was a real bonus to get Dr Jurd who is renowned for highlighting the success of Alcoholics Anonymous as a treatment for alcoholism.

The OKsoberfest features a full weekend of meetings, a dinner dance on Saturday night and onsite caravan parking at the event venue for travellers.

Registration is free and the dinner dance is $35 per person. The theme of the festival in ‘Carrying the Message’.

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