General Service Representatives

Welcome to General Service! Thank you to all GSRs for taking on this vital service role.

The strength of our whole AA service structure starts with the Group and the General Service Representative (GSR) the Group elects. I cannot emphasise too strongly the importance of the GSR

Bill W. on General Services and the GSR

GSRs all over the world have become the key to the Unity of AA. 

The GSR represents the voice of their AA Group’s conscience to the District, the Area B Assembly and ultimately to the General Service Conference (GSC) held each November.

Through your elected District Committee Member (DCM) and the Area B Delegate, you are the link between your Group and AA as a whole.


As a GSR, you are the reporter to your Group about discussions and changes within AA.

Through their GSR, AA Groups protect the right of the individual member to be heard and ensure that any changes within AA come as a response to the needs of all AAs, and of the few.

Want to be a GSR but don’t know everything about what they do? Here’s a bit of general info!

What does the GSR do?

The GSR is the two-way link between your Group and AA as a whole in the following ways:

The GSR:

  • Links their Group with AA as a whole.
  • Represents their Group at District Meetings and carries the Group’s Conscience to Area Assemblies.
  • Reads the AA Around Australia newsletter, published by the General Service Office, and distributes relevant information to the Group.
  • Keeps the Group informed about current issues at District and Area levels and, wherever possible, tries to ascertain the Group’s view and attitude on those issues.
  • Has the ‘Right of Decision’ to vote on the Group’s behalf at District and Area Assemblies taking into account the Group’s desires and concerns together with any new information which becomes available in the process of those District or Area Assemblies.
  • Reports back to the Group on decisions made, or still under consideration, at the District and Area Meetings that the GSR has attended.

The Relationship of the GSR and the District/Area

The GSR can be guided by the following outlines of duties which is intended as a simply guide:
  • Attend District Meetings regularly
  • Report on District/Area experiences – sharing ideas or problems and solutions with other GSRs
  • Participate in discussions so that the voice of the Group is heard and the Group Conscience is carried.
  • Participate in discussions so that the voice of the Group is heard and the Group conscience is carried
  • Participate in elections of their District Committee Members (DCMs) or Area Committee members
  • Keep notes of District/Area meetings to report to their Group
  • Attend Area Assemblies and assist in preparation of Assembly agendas.

Note: For detailed description of the role of the GSR please consult The Australian AA Service Manual – Section 3 The GSR and The AA Guidelines

Other brochures to read include:

  • A.A. Tradition – How It Developed by Bill W.
  • Inside AA Australia
  • The General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous

Select the link for the GSR Welcome Pack and a complete overview of the GSR role.