General Service Office

Why do we need a General Service Office?

The General Service Office (GSO) of Australia serves as a hub of communication for AA groups throughout Australia and the world, as an exchange point for AA experience accumulated over the years and as a distribution centre for conference approved literature.

The GSO is responsible to AA groups throughout Australia. It deals directly with members, AA groups, the public, and similar bodies in other countries.

GSO staff coordinate a wide array of activities and services including:

  • Organising the General Service Conference
  • Facilitating the activities of the General Service Board
  • Publishing and distributing literature
  • Communicating with the media, general public and professional community
  • Providing service information for groups
  • Maintaining a record of registered groups
  • Supporting new groups
  • Ensuring public liability insurance is current
  • Liaising with AA in other countries
  • Publishing the National Newsletter “AA Around Australia”
  • Responding to enquiries from all over Australia and overseas.
  • Processing and despatching literature orders.
  • Banking and Accounting
  • Administration of National website content and meetings list

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To contact the General Service Office

Address: 48 Firth St, Arncliffe NSW 2205
Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon-Fri
Phone: During COVID-19 related Office Closure, please email enquiries to
For Literature Orders and enquiries Call: 0466 319 786
For AA Group Insurance Certificate enquiries Call: 0466 319 786
For other Office administrative enquiries Call: 0466 319 796