General Service Board

The General Service Board (GSB) of Alcoholics Anonymous, Australia, is the chief service arm of the Australian General Service Conference.

The Australian GSB consists of twelve people. Eight members, or Trustees, are alcoholics (Class B Trustees). Four members are non-alcoholics (Class A Trustees) who bring various abilities to their service responsibilities. Class A Trustees are nominated and elected by the GSB.

The composition of the GSB is carefully balanced between Trustees who bring Regional and AA service experience and those elected for their business or professional experience.

Six of the Class B Trustees are Regional Trustees, i.e. they represent regional areas of Australia. Two of the Class B Trustees are Service Trustees, who bring professional and business experience.

Regional Trustees are nominated by the Area. If there is more than one candidate, the final decision is made at Conference. Service trustees are nominated and elected by the GSB.

The GSB Trustees are concerned with everything that is happening in AA that may affect the health and growth of the Fellowship however their duties are essentially protective. Whenever a decision that affects AA as a whole needs to be made, the Trustees turn to the Conference for direction. In this way, the ultimate authority remains with the Groups.

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