Correctional Facilities (CFT)

Welcome to Area B Correctional Facilities Service

The Correctional Facilities Team (CFT) are AA members who carry AA’s message of recovery who are in trouble under the Criminal Justice System because of their drinking.

It is estimated that a significant number of matters coming before the courts involve some element of alcohol abuse, and that many of those appearing in such matters have a history of recidivism. It is hoped that AA members holding meetings inside correctional facilities within ER Area B will help reduce this.

The CFT welcomes Probation and Parole Officers, Case Managers, Criminal Justice Social Workers and any other professionals supervising detainees on release, to consider asking Alcoholics Anonymous to provide information and help where possible.

Experience has shown that offenders who come to AA meetings, and keep coming back to AA, often change the direction and quality of their lives. These people can significantly impact the lives of other offenders, and correctional facility officers when they subsequently share their experience.

All CFT activities should conform to the principles outlined in AA’s Traditions, Concepts and related PI & CPC guidelines.

  • Guideline 4 – Information on Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Guideline 8 – Court & Similar Programs
  • Guideline 16 – Treatment & Correctional Facilities Committees
  • Guideline 22 – Suggestions for Members Wishing to Visit Correction Centres

The CFT Coordinator:

  • Is the Chairperson of the Area’s sub-committee of those currently attending correctional facilities, the Correctional Facilities Team.
  • Is elected from within the CFT, then validated and ratified by the Area B fellowship at Assembly
  • Is an AA member with ‘Authorised Visitor’ clearance to participate in an Area B Gaol roster
  • Maintains a list of existing Gaols, Police Lock-ups, Remand Centres, Correctional Centres, Juvenile Correctional Centres and Weekend Detention Centres etc. across all of Area B.
  • Maintains a roster of Authorised Visitors AA members with the relevant security clearances to carry AA’s message into Area B’s correctional facilities.
  • Is the sole line of communication between AA and correctional facilities’ management and/or Justice Department.

The CFT usually meets three to four times per year or more often if required. Two (2) or more years of sobriety is recommended before volunteers are accepted to apply for correctional facility ‘Visitor Authorisation’. This process involves a National Police Check and ‘Security Awareness Training’

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